Kurs i silketrykk

Grafill Trøndelag holder kurs i Silketrykk på LKV i Mellomveien 5.

Lørdag 11.juni (Facebook-event: http://bit.ly/1sjluue)
Lørdag 25. juni

Grafill Trøndelag jobber frivillig for å tilby sine medlemmer faglige og inspirerende aktiviteter gjennom året. Prisen på silketrykk kurset er derfor holdt så lavt som mulig og drives non-profit. Som Grafillmedlem blir du sponset av Grafill og kan få delta på kurset til halvpris da Grafill Trøndelag dekker resten av kostnadene.

750 kr Grafill-medlem
1350,- ikke-medlem

OPEN STUDIO: Kadie Salmon

colour series( wood, pencil)-1liten
Having spent 6 weeks at LKV as an artist in residence, Kadie Salmon will hold an Open Studio day on the 16th of June.

Drawing on the city of Trondheim for inspiration, Kadie has spent 6 weeks continuing her ongoing exploration of historic notions of romanticism in relation to landscape, folklore and history. By extracting and re-constructing these notions in a contemporary context, her new body of work seeks to further question the fine line between romanticism and that of idealism, desire and personal fantasy.

During the Open studio, Kadie will be displaying and talking through a body of new drawings created during her time on the LKV residency programme, whilst also showing her series of multiple exposure photographic works taken at midnight across various sites in Trondheim. On her return to London Kadie will continue to develop this series as large format, hand coloured photographs. This new body of work will later be exhibited as part of her solo show at Babel Art Space, Trondheim in 2017.


Artist Talk by Wojtek Ziemilski, 15/6 12:00

Wojtek Ziemilski is a polish theatre director and visual artist. He creates multi-disciplinary works using a variety of forms and media taken from the performing and visual arts. During June Ziemilski has been a guest artist at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, working on his project “Gestuno” – a series of short videos exploring the relation between language, culture and heritage, which takes as it’s basis the Norwegian Sign Language.

12:00, tomorrow 15/6 Soup will be served for a low price. Welcome!