Artist Residency


The next open call will be announced in Desember 2021 for residencies in 2023 and 2024.

For information about the interdisciplinary residency, click here.

Who are we
Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder is a an artist’s workshop located in a former school building in the east of Trondheim. In addition to 42 studios and shared workshops, we also run and international trans-disciplinary artist residency to facilitate international mobility and collaboration opportunities with the local art scene.

Who can apply
The residency is open to professional artists.
Artists can apply for a 1-3 month residency.

What do we offer
LKV has four newly renovated apartments available for our guest artists, as well as two studios for visual artists. In addition, the LKV compound consists of artist’s studios and shared workshops. We have workshops for wood, metal, print-making and analogue photography. As a guest artist, you have access to an apartment and shared workshops at LKV. You will also have the possibility to book working periods in one of our two project rooms (subject to availability and a small fee).

The staff at LKV is available to help make your stay as productive as possible. Please specify in your application what your needs are, for example if you need us to put you in touch with a local collaboration partner. You are also welcome to apply for the residency if you already are in a collaboration or production with an institution or organization in Trondheim.

We also offer the possibility to have a presentation of your work at our art space Babel/ bookstore Babel Bok ( We can arrange an exhibition, concert, literary event, etc. If interested in having an event at Babel please add the exhibition application to your residency application. The project leader for Babel will communicate further information and decisions regarding this.

What do we expect of the visiting artist
LKV will cover expenses for studio and accommodation. All other expenses, such as living costs, travel, materials, insurance and transport must be covered by the artists themselves. We encourage all artists to apply for funding in their own home country.

We are especially encourage you to apply if you are an artist interested in engaging in the local community, either socially or through professional collaboration.

What to expect
The residency in located amongst 46 local artists with their own individual practice. This is an open and communal environment but can at times be more quiet (i.e. local holidays, summer vacation, Christmas, Easter etc.).

As we are running the residency on limited administrative resources, selected artists must be prepared to be self-reliant at times. We will do our best to facilitate contacts, network and local collaborative partners so that artists can achieve what they have set out to do for their stay. Trondheim is a small and friendly city and it is easy to get in touch with the local artistic community.

The application must consist of a project proposal for the residency period, artist statement, updated cv and documentation of current work. We only accept digital applications that are put together in one pdf file.

The application must contain the following information:

  • Name, address, date of birth and nationality
  • Artist statement (maximum 1000 characters)
  • For how long you would like to stay, and when you would like to come. Please provide three alternatives, arranged as your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.
  • Project description, containing plans for your work in Trondheim and possible collaborations. If you are applying for an exhibition or event at Babel Art Space the project description should include plans for this as well.
  • Documentation of your work: Images, text pdfs, and if applicable provide us with links to video and/or sound.
  • CV

Applications must be submitted digitally and as a single pdf-file.

Send your application to


Residents (In alphabetical order by year)

Anton Benois
Laura Cemin (postponed due to pandemic)
Petra Dahlström
Hanna Ekkeren
Jan Gemein (postponed due to pandemic)
Cecilia Hultman
Samuel James
Felix Kalmenson
Kjersti Lande
Tori Lawrence (postponed due to pandemic)
Sanna Lindholm (postponed due to pandemic)
Ida Lundén (postponed due to pandemic)
Mumbi Macharia (cancelled due to pandemic)
Jolene Mok (postponed due to pandemic)
Marie Nerland
Mio Oribe
Enrique Roura Perez
Aleks Slota (postponed due to pandemic)
Ellen Henriette Suhrke
Bendik Vada
Jeon Wuri (postponed due to pandemic)
Sárka Zahalkova (postponed due to pandemic)

Johan Andrén – Sweden
Vilde Blom – Norway
Hanne Ekkeren – Norway (postponed to 2021 due to pandemic)
Juliane Foronda – Canada (postponed to 2022 due to pandemic)
Dominika Kemilä – Sweden
Danielle Klebes – USA
Kjetil Detroit Kristensen – Norway
Kjersti Lande – Norway (postponed to 2021)
Chadwick Rantanen – USA (canceled due pandemic)

Emilio Bernè – Italy
Sarah-Jane Botham – Australia
Leonardo Ciocchini – Argentina
Giulia Deval – Italy
Claire Ducène – Belgium
Åsne Eldøy – Norway
Natalie Frijia – Canada
Hilde Frantzen – Norway
Lisa Gideonsson and Gustaf Londré – Sweden
Miriam Hamann – Austria
Bianca Hisse – Brasil
Karen Petersen – Denmark
Agustina Quiles – Argentina
Hans Scherer – Sweden
Marinus Suijkerbuijk – The Netherlands
Nina Svenne – Norway

Temporarily brake due to renovation.

Line Anda Dalmar – Norway
Cecilia Jonsson – Sweden
Carl-Oskar Linné – Sweden
Eden Mitsenmacher – UK/Israel
Laura Moore – Canada
Jóhanna Ellen Ríkharðsdóttir – Norway
Simo Saarikoski – Finland
Melanie Windl – Germany
Tereza Záchová – Czech Republic

Anna Ihle – Norway
Linda Cararra – Italy
Árpád Forgó – Hungary
Klaus Fröhlich – Germany
Christopher Squire – USA
Shanta Rao – France
Wojtek Ziemilsky – PolandKadie Salmon – EnglandValerie Syposz – Japan / Canada
Dmitry Morozov/::vtol:: – Russia
Christiana Caro – USA
Hyojun Hyun – South Korea
David-Ashley Kerr – Australia

Dan Munn – UK
Vera Boele-Keimer -UK
Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen – Slovakia/Spain
Jonathan Monaghan – USA
Kristie MacDonald – Canada
Idun Baltzersen – Norway
Guillermo Cardenas Rodriguez – Cuba
Masashi Echigo – Japan
Patrícia de Herédia – Portugal
Stefan Klampfer – Austria
Rikke Flensberg – Denmark
Jung-Ouk Hong – South Korea
Hyojun Kim – South Korea
Maud Gironai – France
Marita Muukkonen & Ivor Stodolsky – Finland / Germany
Petter Solberg – Norway
Fae Logie – Canada
Milenko Balovic – Serbia

Nadine Monnin – FR
Anna Estarriola – ESP/FI
Mitch Karunaratne – UK
Lena Katrine & Heidi-Anett -Norway
Sibylle Eimermacher – Netherlands
Robert Stark – Germany
Pauline Martinet and Zoe Texereau– France
Robin and Matthew Luther – USA Nadine Monnin – France
Sepideh Rahaa – Iran
Berit Dröse – Danmark
Martina Hodne – NO
Daisy Jordan – UK
Franzisca Siegrist – Spain
Masha Ryskin – USA
Serge Marchetta – Canada
Olof Nimar – Sweden

Antoine Davenne – France
Jennis Li Cheng Tien – Singapore/Berlin
Lloyd Durling – UK
Gokcen Dilek Acay /Turkey
Sarah Walker – USA
Megan Roberts / Raymond Ghirardo – USA
Paula Pereira / Pernilla Andersson – USA
Kristina Kvalvik-Norge/Danmark
Hèlène Juillet – France
Shin Kiwoun – Korea – UK
Clemens Wilhelm – Germany

Nicola Müller – Germany
Wai Kit Lam – Hong Kong
Ismael Sanz-Pena / Spain
Jeroen Glas – Netherlands
William Vannerson – USA
Thomas Rummelhoff – Norway
Terry Berlier – USA
Other People – USA
Jim Holyoak – Canada
Eva Nielsen – Frankrike
Mireille Blanc – Frankrike
Nathalie Lavoie – Canada
Floortje Zonneveld- Netherlands
Robin McGuire – USA

Nikola Uzunovski – Makedonia
Michael Day – England
Delia Keller – Germany
Stine Ofelia Kildevang – Denmark
Beth Evans – Australia
Ryan Pierce – USA
Tom Hollenback – USA
Eeva Maija Priha – Finland
Willow Mitchell – England
Branko Miliskovic – Serbia
Andreanne Fournier-Canada
Christiane Kelsegher – Scotland
Cozette Phillips – USA

Mayumi Ishino – Japan
Joshua Hagler – USA
Mathieu Flammarion-France
Hope Hall – USA
Marita Kusch – Germany
Morgan Craig – USA
Rona Chang – Taiwan/USA
Rena Raedle – Germany
Vladan Jeremic – Serbia
Marte Kiessling – Germany
Bivas Chaudhuri – USA/India
Hondartza Fraga – Spain www
Joost Stokhof – Holland www
Ahmed Ahmed Helmy – Egypt

Julia Barbosa Landois – USA
Shingo Yoshida – Japan
Sarah Oneschuk – Canada
David M.Gibson – USA
Pia Muehlbauer – Germany
Chie Konishi – Japan/Uk
Umaiah Salman – Palestina
Chris Bell – Australia
Charles Matson Lume – Usa
Heather Passmore – Canada
Gavin Peacock – Uk
Alyssa Taylor Wendt – Usa
Julia Wandel – Tyskland
Soo Jung Choi – Korea
Tian Miller – Norway/Scotland

Kelly Andres – Canada
Frede Troelsen – Denmark
Jeff McCreight – USA
Juhana Moisander – Finland
Humberto Duque – Mexico
Tomomitsu Tada – Japan
Fritz Klier – Tyskland
Lina Müller – Switzerland
Sissel Mutale Berg – Zambia
Yann Eouzan – Frankrike
Kristjan Zaklynsky – Island
Zoe Anspach – England

Edward Clive (England)
Jasmina Bosnjak (Serbia)
Caroline Hussey (Scotland)
Anna Sara Loe (Norway)
Takashi Mitsui (Japan)
Amarchi Okafor (Nigeria)
Maxeem Zaqtan (Palestina)
Sean Kennedy (USA)
Lucy H.G. (USA)
Hope Tucker (USA)
Helen Johnson (Australia)
Ehryn Torell (Canada)
Toby Messenger (Scotland)

Kezia Pritchard (England)
Corina Steiner (Switzerland)
Helen Quinn (USA)
Peter Lang (Germany)
Tim Gilman-Sevcik (USA)
Nayoungim (Germany)
Frank Haines (USA)
Hideki Kanno (Japan)
Hagenbach Andreas (Switzerland)
Caitlyn Masley (USA)
Minna Sora (Finland)Inga Darguzyte (Lithauen)
Frederico Camara (Brasil)
Yoko Lida (USA)
Kirsten Rønnevik (Sweden)
Polske kunstnere og Hege Lønne

Lucy H. Griesbach (USA)
Marnie Moldhauer (Germany)
John Herschend (USA)
Chris Elsmore (England)
Nancy Mladenoff (USA)
Giulia Resteghini (England)
Miranda Peake (England)
David Keating (Australia)
Mary Theresa Keown (Ireland)
Hansam Son (Korea)
Astrid Bielmeier (Germany)
Jad Salman (Palestina)

Sean Lynch (Ireland)
Grant Hill (Australia)
Agnieszka Borkowska (Poland)
Lynn Gufeld (USA)
Agatha Nalumansi (Uganda)
Gregory MacKay (Australia)
Adam Davis (USA)
Liv Rygh (Norway)
Petri Ala-Manus (Finland)
Caroline Dang (Australia)
Cornelia Roelh (Germany)
Sebastien Camboulive (France)
Alexander Konstantinov (Russia)

Allison Geber (USA)
Gerhard Stromberg (England)
Garth Amundsen (USA)
Duncan Marquiss (England)
Tracey Adams (New Zealand)
Ellie Brown (USA)
Benny Ramsay (Canada)
Amanda Dunsmore (Ireland)
Sara Lievonen (Finland)
Mark Clare (Ireland)

Neringa Zukauskaite (Lithauen)
Peter Haakon Thompson (USA)
Gunhild Thompson (England)
Ina Hattebier (Germany)
Anne Sara Loe (Norway)
Henk Lassche (Holland)
Sandra Chandrasekaran (Singapore)
Vibeke Jensen (Norway)
Guttorm Nordø (Norway)
Jill Borton (England)
Roman Franta (Czechoslovakia)
Teresa Gillespie (Scotland)
Tone Johansen (Norway)
Ciara Bedingfield (England)
Alice Peillon (Ireland)

Masha Ryskin (USA)
Peter Haakon Thomsen (USA)
Maxine Adcock (England)
Michael Edgerton (USA)
Aeneas Wilder (Scotland)
Mario Benicio (Brazil)
Pia Lehti-Teder (Finland)
Eremias Ekube (Eritrea)
Tone Nyarkho (Norway)
Andrew Williams (England)
Paul Bevan (England)
Christine Waller (Sweden)
Kristina Isaksson (Finland)
Tiina Vaino (Finland)
Diana Mercedes Alonso Germany)

Anna K. Hedberg (Sweden/England)
Johanna Lundin (Sweden/England)
Nike Nilsson (Sweden)
Rolf Schaffner (Spain)
Kota Ezawa (USA)
Greta Gjøl Hagen (Norway)
Jakob Dahlgren (Sweden)
Trine Haaland (Norway)
Marianne Rouvier-Angeli (England)
Susanne Lyner (Switzerland)
Heike Hamann (Germany)
Masha Ryskin (USA)
Eva Laila Hilsen (Norway)

Ellen Thrap-Meyer (Norway)
Emily Richardson (England)
Paula Williamson (Brasil/USA)
Albert Braun (Finland/Germany)
Paul Schwer (Germany)
Jørgen Fog (Denmark)
Keith Coventry (England)
Paul Noble (England)
Kimmo Schroderus (Finland)
Beatriz Barral (Spain)
Meki Ali Shokri (Iraq)

Håkon Grønlien (Norway)
Henny Lie (Norway)
Kari Elisabeth Dahlmo (Norway)
Quirin Jedlicka (Czechoslovakia)
Petr Jedlicka (Czechoslovakia)
Aino Näslund (Sverige)
Vigdis Bøyding (Norway)
Åse Hunstad (Norway)

Barry Gunderson (USA)
Guttorm Nordø (Norway)
Gjertrud Hals (Norway)
Franscois Roche (France)
Vibeke Slyngstad (Norway)
Eirik Austlid (Norway)

Barry Gunderson (USA)