Incident Report

Incident report (EN)

How is the working environment?
This survey is designed to map whether sexual harassment, discrimination and other undesirable conditions occur in the working environment. The questions concern experiences that have taken place at LKV or situations where you have been with people you know from LKV outside the workplace and working hours.

The answers are treated anonymously and confidentially by Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV).

Are you
Your gender
Which adjectives would you use to describe the work environment? You can check multiple answers.
Have you experienced being spoken to or treated at
During the past year, you have experienced unwanted sexual attention that has been
Have you experienced dominance techniques in the past year? Dominance techniques refer to behaviors, comments, looks, or omissions that, either consciously or unconsciously, undermine others and make people doubt themselves and feel stupid.
Have you experienced discrimination in the past year? Discrimination means unjustified differential treatment related to gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability to function, religion and outlook on life, age, care tasks, or other significant aspects of a person. Discrimination comes in many forms and includes actions, statements or omissions.
In the past year, have you experienced that your gender, your identity, background or functional ability have given you disadvantages?
Have you witnessed or know that others have been exposed to
Have you experienced unwanted behavior one or more times in the past year? You can check off several boxes.
If you experience something undesirable, do you feel that it is possible to report it to the person concerned?
Do you know the guidelines for behavior in the working environment?
Do you know about notification channels in the business?
If you experience being treated badly, will you let us know/notify about this?
If you see or know that others are being treated badly, will you let us know/notify about this?
To what extent do you feel confident that you can report without it having negative consequences for you?
If you have previously notified, did you experience that the matter was handled in a good way?
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