Under·Line (Trondheim edition)

PERIOD: 6 – 13 Apr 2022 (Wed – Wed, 14:00 – 18:00)
VENUE: The GYM at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Mellomveien 3abc, Trondheim

72-hour Audio Happening by Julvian Ho: 3pm, 8 Apr – 3pm, 10apr (Fri – Sun, CET, streamed from Hong Kong)
Video Performance by Ivy Ma: 3pm, 9 Apr (Sat, CET, streamed from Birmingham)
Live Performance by Yarli Allison: 4pm, 9 Apr (Sat, CET, at The GYM, LKV)

Yarli Allison, Au Wah Yan, Julvian Ho, Jamsen Law, Lee Suet Ying, Ivy Ma, Elaine Wong and Leo Wong

Curated by Jamsen Law
Supported by HKADC
Presented by nProjekt
Hosted by Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder

A new journey of a nomadic series
An exhibition attempts to advance lines
Under lines of the imprinted traces of tangible memories
Under lines of the drifts before and after
Under lines of the indulgence of hearing
Under lines of the naturally formed
Under lines of the uncontrollable (re)shaping
Under lines of the adjusted sights
Under lines of the uncertainty from the semi-translucent
An united expedition on brighter days