Silk screen print course #2

Another chance to attend screen printing course at LKV with Louis Everard

The course will give you an introduction to 2-layer screen printing, including transferring your image to a prepared screen using ultra violet lights and hand printing the image.

The maximum amount of participants is 6, and registration can be done by sending an e-mail to: Registration is binding. The price for the whole course is 950,- If this course is filled up quickly we will try and arrange an extra.

Participants will be divided into to groups with the first starting at 10:00 and the second att 11:00. The first group will finish at 16:00 and the second at 20:00.

Participants need to bring the following: The image they want to print on a transparent sheet and their own paper to print on. The print paper has to be A3-size, and the transparent paper with the image you would like to print should be A4.

The course will be held in english.


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