BABEL visningsrom for kunst

BABEL visningsrom for kunst is an artist-run exhibition space, established by the Foundation Lademoen kunstverksteder (LKV). BABEL shows contemporary art, the program is based on open calls and includes both exhibitions, collaborative and interdisciplinary projects by national and international artists as well as guest artists from the residency program at LKV. The venue also includes the small niche bookstore BABEL bok.

Program and current exhibitions can be found at or instagram

Installation view from the group exhibition Flower Power, July 2019.
Photo: Susann Jamtøy/BABEL

BABEL visningsrom for kunst
Petter Buhagen (Artistic Manager)

Visiting address
Mellomveien 4
7067 Trondheim

Postal address
BABEL v/ Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder
Mellomveien 3a
7067 Trondheim